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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

phenibut the supplement no one should be using!

whats up people or peoples.. lol ... what a night tonight working out. did leg work out and my body is killing me, totally over crushed legs. not feeling too good right now . so I wanted just to say that the articles I have been writing for the magazines are being printed and you should check them out .. I write for one mag called natural gainz magazine .. go on the web page and you can read some of the articles. you can also subscribe to the mag, and use pauly code and get some money off!! now I am working on breaking a huge article on the supplement industry starting with the worst supplement out on the market today that no one I repeat no one should be using ... its call a lot of different names .. phinibut. for one ... the product was intended to be a precursor or safe alternative to drugs like prescription nsaids, and pain killers. ill give a few examples .. like today I talked to a guy who had taken it . he said it was like taking a perk, and a xanex. also know as zanex. the drug is supposed to help you relax, but from what I know it has serious addictive tendencies. and can cause some bad side effects. such as swelling of joints, joint pain, muscle aches, head aches, severe anxiety, and a general addiction for the product. because you want these problems to go away ... here are the names for this product. Phenibut Phenibut Phenibut Home > Shop > Phenibut  Phenylpiracetam here is a brief description from another website selling the product http://peaknootropics.com/shop/phenibut/ is the source for this info "Recommended Dosage: 500-1500mg Directions: Phenibut is water soluble. Do not use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding. This product can be dangerous especially when mixed with other substances like alcohol, please read warnings. Extremely rare side effects may include allergic reactions. Consult a doctor prior to using. By using our products, you agree to our terms & conditions. Phenibut (fenibut, phenybut) is a derivative of the natural neurotransmitter, GABA. GABA is not a nootropic neurotransmitter and actually has inhibitory qualities which can produce tranquilizing and anxiolytic effects. Some people claim that phenibut has nootropic effects however there is limited scientific evidence to support this. Phenibut is often used within a nootropic stack for its anxiolytic and mood-lifting qualities. Method of Action Phenibut carries the GABA structure with the addition of a phenyl ring. The addition of this ring allows for it to cross the blood brain barrier. GABA by itself cannot cross the blood brain barrier and remains completely ineffective as a stand-alone supplement. Phenibut binds to the GABA b receptor sites. Drugs and substances such as Baclofen, GHB and alcohol bind specifically to these sites. Baclofen, a prescription muscle relaxant shares a similar chemical structure to phenibut. Generally, phenibut shares similar pharmacological effects as GHB, Baclofen and alcohol. Higher dosages can lead to an “intoxication” that may inhibit the central nervous system. Lower dosages of phenibut can yield calm-inducing and relaxant effects. Mixing phenibut with other GABA agonists can cause synergistic and cross-cumulative effects that can be dangerous. This should be minimalized or avoided altogether." Now it all looks fine and dandy because gaba is a great and safe product that is severally over priced and doesn't really work unless taking pure brand new just made gaba like strait out of the dish. looking at gaba which at one time was mistaken for ghb. GhB which also is a derivative of GABA is a super potent drug. that is highly used among the homosexual and party crowds. It is a drug that makes you drunk with out the hang over or getting sick. because these drugs mess with the brain I must say they are highly dangerous. In no way should you feel the need to experiment with them. Any one selling this should also be stopped imidiatley because this is not a benefiting supplement. This product should be controlled because it needs to be studied to see if it has any real safe benefits. Now here is what I know about the product. It was originally being looked at as a alternative to drugs or medications. They wanted to make something that was super addicting, but safe. this is what they made. The fact that's its from GABA makes it sound like a nice safe product. But remember GHB is one molecule from GABA and also is a derivative. This product is NOT A GOOD ONE TO USE OR EXPERIMENT WITH. I REPEAT THIS IS NOT THE SUPPLEMENT YOU WANT TO PLAY AROUND WITH! Please subscribe to my blogs, read them all, and also subscribe to my youtube I have over 270 videos you can share comment like or dislike, just please check out what I have to offer every one interested in helping themselves. djcire1 pauldesimone or bodybuilding djcire1. check out those and you will find my videos. Till tomorrow enjoy the night!

Friday, February 5, 2016

personal training videos to help you learn proper form

my name is paul desimone .. I am one of the top personal trainers in the world. I have started making a series of videos on youtube so that you can actually get the best results and get proper training. the exercises I perform and teach are with the correct form. I give you the exercise, and the form and rep counts. to help guide you through your work outs. this way you cant injure you self or you will be less likely to injure your self .. which is very common when it comes to lifting weights. my videos are rentals which cost about 50 cents or less. and allow you to learn from the best ...instead of paying 100.00 dollars for 15 min training session I can train millions of people at the same time!!! for about 4 dollars a month . go to djcire1 on youtube or search paul desimone . I have attached a video link and you can find my video links on several of my blogs. so please do! and find me on facebook ..add me today .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hq57PhAEO4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8bICzdAqkc

289 pounds bodybuilder posing

so the beef is back .. in the making of a new flick !! I have been working hard on this movie and my return to acting!! writing and writing and filming and filming and brining this clip live to you! I need every ones support so that I can have this movie fully edited ... you can tell me what you want to see !! full posing ,, what craziness you want .. if youwant me to do feats of strength again ..or what brothers and sisters.. this is in your face lets get insane ...lets crank up the intensity!!!!! bring it .... I want to make you just see what Its really like training with the beef.!!!!!! almost 300 pounds natural bodybuilding champion. the beef has taken it to a whole nother level...I guess you cant tell unless you watch !!! check it out !!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

kali muscle was right !! The male species is in jepordy. AND LOW T

kali muscle was exactly right when he said all you kids don't have to read any more ....all you got to do is turn on youtube and watch his videos, well that is some what true, but I enjoy reading, its a place you can find your self and read in your own voice instead of hearing it from someone else. I guess I am old school and probably why some people don't listen to people. lets talk about what the hell he is saying. first off to live in la las angelas is mad expensive so get that strait. the guy buy any means is not rich. but he has lived a tough life and is finally making some money for himself. here is what he is giving you and this is from me watching his videos. he is giving you some honest opinions, that are generally the correct ones. he's not bullshitting you when he says you need to eat good food, he's not bullshitting you when he says don't eat processed meat . your just not understanding what he is saying. processed meats are mcdonalds, burgerking, taco bell, these are fast food chains. they take some beef or meet, they season it with all kinds of chemicals, such as salts or types of salts that are not good for you. why are they not good, let me explain , sodium is a mineral that's found in generally all things. you need it to sustain life. but super sodiam compounds have been created that are so strong that they are super sodium, kind of like a steroided out salt. these are one kind of food additive ...these are put in those fast foods. including pizza from big chains, and also cheese, and your favorite soda. even the ones kali muscle is drinking contain those sodiums. which he may or may not know. any ways lets move on g. these are what you want to avoid, if your already over weight then guess what you need to avoid these at all costs. ok here is what your missing even if you make your own food. a lot of canned ingredients contain these preservatives also. that's why If your food other then tuna is coming from a can your going to be in big trouble. if your eating raman noodles for lunch, your in big trouble. these sodiums bind and stay in your system till you either shit them out or sweat them out. and yes they do cause headaches, high blood preassure which can lead to stroke or heart attack and other horrible organ diseases. I quote tom brady to say this "soda is poison". you don't see him in any commercials for fast food now do you . then as I have talked a million times you have the soy that's involved. In the pussifacation of the male specimen soy has been used to calm down the masculinity of society. to try and make America a bunch of panzy pussies, who cant get an erection, and read womans magazines. you wonder why woman have become so much stronger in the past decade. 3 major things have happened, 1. crossfit in helping woman actually lift weights. 2. soy in all the food, making woman have a higher estrogen level and greater risk for cancer. 3. birth control 80% of teenage girls are using birth control today, and men get shit on for using steroids. birth control is female steroids, and on top of that all the estrogen soy in food, is making todays woman into men. take the average woman today and compare her to 1980 that's 36 years ago, definetly not long enough for even adaptation, or those who believe in Darwinism to take any type of change. your talking a hormonal change. I remember in the early 1990s they said all the vitamins in foods were helping people grow. If by vitamins you mean hormones then yes they are. The sad facts is we have too many sinics and not enough people who actually want to live a better life. If you think this isn't going to be a problem for the future think again. The male population has declined steadily in the past 10 years. a 1% change is a huge change in the human population. These are facts, If we do not strengthen our selves and stop the destruction of the natural world, we wont have any thing left to fight for. Take a look at the male hormone testosterone. We have a epidemic of men with low t levels at earlier ages every year. What is the key factor to blame for this? Is it soy? Is it air pollution, Is it climate change? It is most likely all of the above plus some other key factors. The water we drink has been over treated with a tooth strengthening mineral called fluoride. fluoride was used by the Nazzis during world war 2. In large doses it has a calming effect on the human brain. They called it crowd control. Most people don't know is that fluoride has been added to almost all drinking water, mainly tap in the usa. These factors all have taken a toll on the male hormone testosterone. Fat, being overweight, and stress also take a toll on hormone production. These are also making a mark on why low t is such a bad thing. here are they keys men. 1. loose some fat, right away no matter what It takes. you will thank me later. 2. keep your stress levels at a minimum or as best you can. 3. sleep 8 hours a night I know its hard but if you do it, your body makes test when your asleep and hgh which help repair your cells. 4. avoid processed foods, and fast foods. Its never a good idea. starve instead of eating them. drink some water to fill your belly. This food isn't food at all its poison. Once your realize this you can understand why I say starve instead. 5. Do not and I repeat Do not eat food with soy in it or any soy products. 6. lift weights for no more then 90 min. never do crossfit type of training unless your only doing it for 45 min or less. crossfit is short for cross training. its a old type of training program for athletes. when you fully understand that, then you can understand what it is. some guys just gave it a catchy name. overtraining leads to low t. 7. Do not and I repeat do not take test boosters that did not come from a specialist. most people don't know crap about supplements talk to someone who does like my self. taking some may actually lower your test levels. 8. Do not eat refined or processed sugar. All hormones are related in some way unless you have a unique case like my self. insulin and testosterone go hand and hand. processed sugar leads to diabetes which can become a fatal disease. 9.Always look at the back of food ingredients, if the sodium is over 300 don't eat it. 10. My final rule and this is just as important as number 1. Always wash your hands and foods before you cook. always wash your fruits off before you eat them. pesticides are one of the new found causes of low t. BASICALLY I AM ONLY GIVING YOU THE LAY OUT, WE NEED TO GO MORE INDEPTH ON THE MATTER IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS PLEASE FOLLOW AND POST COMMENTS SO I CAN ANSWER WHAT YOU NEED TO BE CLARIFIED.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

why you need to buy a diet from me! And What a diet actually means.

when it comes to todays world, we live in a place that is nothing like it used to be. rules, and laws have changed in the world of food so much that it can be confusing. I am here to do all your homework. basically think of it as cheating to be a better you. first of all for a diet to work correctly you must enjoy the foods that your eating. it can make it a lot easier!! but the key factors to actually being able to eat healthy is knowing what foods to actually buy when your at the grocery store. when I did the auger experiment. rich auger and I went to the grocery store and purchased foods together. not every one lives in boston or can take a trip out here to do the diet. basically a diet or nutrition plan is a way of eating that will make your body obtain healthy goals. what ever your personal goal is. some want to gain weight, others loose weight. most just want to feel better and be healthy. but I think every one wants too loose a little fat, unless you have none.pretty impossible... to have none. supplements are imperative in the world of health. the problem is most are junk and come from poor sources like china. nearly 90% of the products out there are the same just repackaged. just take a closer look, paying for the same stuff in a different colored bottle. that is why I started a supplement company to do supplement plans that go with your diet plan. get every thing all in one. and only get high quality products. that no one else can get. this will allow the diet to work better and be easier to follow. when you see results it helps motivate you. with all diets you need motivation even if you like the food. making it your lifestyle and eating for production instead of purely enjoyment is the key. after about 4-6 weeks you can start having cheat meals every weekend. this helps keep the body in check, the better you get at choosing your cheat meal the better you body will respond. so I went to a local market and took some pictures, I also do a youtube channel under djcire1 with videos talking about this stuff. I really would love if you got back to me with some comments. let us start with what is the most important thing. people who think they are dietitions, and nutrition specialists are mostly morons who took a couple classes or got a degree because it looked like a great job. then you have the pure idiots who sell food plans, making you food, that is made fully processed and card board cut out of something they got from bodybuilding.com. fully not understanding what a diet is. A diet is the food that you eat for a specific goal. your nutrition should be all the nutrients, protein, fats, and carbs that you need to obtain that goal. that is how a diet is formulated. someone who sits at a desk does not need the same as someone who is running around all day. even if the two do the same exact work out. I can not share some of the other key factors that I use because they are very different and patented by me. but I use a genetic based food line. here is what you don't know when you have some moron make your food for you. 1. where did the food come from. 2. how long did they cook the food for. 3. was any thing microwaved. 4. was any of the food organic? 5. did the person making the food go to school for food prep. probably the most important of the 5 because I did go to school and was certified in food prep I will shed some light on this. touching meats that are raw and veggies that are raw carry bacteria. using plastic cutting boards, not washing hands, can be a great way to get food poisoning. the most common is diareah cha cha cha. ...but there are forms you don't want at all, ones that can kill you. so knowing that is first priority. lastly using plasic containers to store hot food is another way these people work. using plastic and heat is NOT GOOD. I repeat ...HORRIBLE FOR YOU NOT GOOD. plastics leak into your food, when heated hence why you shouldn't microwave food in plastic if your using a microwave. infact recent studies show that the plastic can cause cancer causing carcinogens. I know every thing today causes cancer!!! which sucks, or so we hear it , but the way to avoid these things and enjoy life still is to understand how food is processed and too look at processed food as poison, so that you will not eat it. here are some keys. coffee that is decaf... process uses bleach or not kidding now,even worse rat poison main ingredient to strip away the caffeine. how about canned tomatoes, they use lye or bleach to strip it. and the list goes on for tons and tons of foods. its scary ...very scary!!! makes me sick... milk is one of the few that just gets hit with radiation or light (another form of radiation) which kills bacteria (good bacteria) and pretty much leaves the milk stripped of a lot of vitamins it normally would have such as light sensitive vitamin d. hence why they add it back in. but all this is being done to help protect you. because its hard to deliver food on time to every one these precautions have been taken to save the public. in some ways some of these are good. in others they are bad. I know this is a lot of reading but its worth it in the end. maybe ill stop here and help you relax for a min .. take it all in..

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

dieting and fat testing and a coupon

http://touch.groupon.com/deals/gym-warriors added above is a coupon on groupon for diet advice that is 75% off . the experts offering the advice guarentee 100%sucess for there diet. they also have 6 point plan for fat testing. the price will never be this low again so if your on the fence this is your chance at getting top notch professional service for dirt cheap beginer pricing. fat testing can only be done in house in peabody mass. but the diet can be wtiten any where in the country. as long as the groupon code can be scanned . and redeamed once it is your good to go. so lets talk a bit of dieting right now weve been doing diet plans for over 13 years . everything we do is guarenteed and is the reason why weve become so popular and a leader. the sucess of people who have followed our diets over the years has grown. why do you need a diet. for 1 even if you eat well . sodium potassium, fats , protein,and carbs can fluctuate. eating these substances in the wrong order or with the wrong foods can inhibit fat loss. the reason why your buddies diet wknt work for you is our motto. a diet is only as good as the food on the paper. meaning if u wont eat the food then you wont stick to the diet. many misconceptions. some people need to gain weight we also offer these plans they r for gaining good lean weight. not weight in your belly. were talking about muscle mass. fat are bad. thats not true at all some.fats r good and they can help burn other bad fats. carbs are bad. again carbs have several catagories and are nessecary for propper brain function. low carb is nof healthy either is high carb or all carb. soy is horrible for you and 99 % gmo in all soy in the usa. meaning your eating pesticides and a product that is grown to make disel fuel. would u want to put that in your body. corn is good for you absolutely not any more cereal,and bread containing corn can cause health problems as 75%of all corn is now gmo. meaning the corn was genetically modified to contain a pesticide that your ingesting every time you eat. how did you not know this. look at the ingredients on your foods. you will be shocked. food dies are literlally paint. u probably didnt realize this but almost every color can be natrually produced.but companies who only care about profits such as candy , bread, and snack companies have used these harmful dies. all because of cost. were only talking pennies. dies cause cancer thats proven. why are you eatingthem in your foods. limit them¡ processed foods strip all the nugrients then they add cheap vitamins to give the food some type of nutrient base. thats not the same thing. this is why pdg supplements is the way to go no filler . no harmful dies. thats why you need a diet. get a fat test and see where you stand today. but only get a real fat test a caliper test by a trained pro

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

male test enhancers libido boost that actually works

i was researching test boosters and alternatives to steroids. thats when i found a few new supplements that i wasnt aware of. it seems that every one is jumping on the band wagon. so i started reading and looking into things a lot more. Daa is a simple amino acid. but it is not in l form . instead its in a d form. if u know amino acids then you know that aminos share the coveted nitrogen atom. nitrogen is a key ingredient in anabolism. nitrogen state is where the muscle tissue has nitrogen in the muscle protecting it from cellular breakdown. that is anabolism . catabolism whi h we will go into detail in several other issue. is the basic breakdown of muscle. you go through a catabolic faze each day you train. controlling that is how you grow. using a product like hipo test can help to control that faze. and it dawne d on me to take it post workout instead of pre workout. though this product does give u energy if its taken earlier in the day post work out it can help with this anti catabolic properties. now i was reading actual case studies that used daa. but this is the key note all daa proulducts being sold r using only 3 grams or less. when the actual studies that worked show at least 3.25 grams must be used that 1/9 extra of product is needed xaily doesed out. meaning after 9 days a full dose of 1 gram below. here is what else we found . only hipo test came in the same form a vel type form that was used in tests. which in d form is stable . because there is very little water lnly .02% which causes no breakdown of the nitrogen atoms. this is the reason why universitys chose the gel form. only hipo test has  the exact formula of gel and dose at the tests that worked. daa which was a presroption during the 1980s before viagra and cialis. it was used for its LH boosting properties meaning your bodys production to free testosterone.
i had a huge increase from dismal number s in th 100s to almost normal numbers of 210.
 u want to be 225 or higher. this was after dosing for 3 months and stoppes use for 3 months this was you calculate if the product had a posative effect . i can say it dodon me. in the tests conducted they saw a dramatic change on day 12 which the product should be stoppes for 3 days. and then restarted on day 16 for another 12 days and again stopped and restarted. daa which is just an amino acid that is in d form. for some reason has direct corelation to the nitrogen molecule and may indeed bind at receptors to help your body manage its testosterone better. again lh is the key role this is similar to what clomid does. but clomid does this by estrogen receptor telling your body to raise lh to counter balanxe the excess estrogen.  any one who has iused clomid knows the aweful side effects when used in high doses over 150 mgs . also clomid is a prescription drug that if your dr preacribex you is not repeat not covered by insurence plan on spending 75 dollars a month on it at a usesles dose. studies show that clomid at 25 mg a day must be administered for at least 6 months. which steroid books like the anabolic 2002 by william llewellyn msays to use 50 a fay for 4-6 weeks. the use of daa should be tried by any one over the age of 21 who has low test levels in my opionion. i have gotten feedback from older people who say it definetly worked the first day they used it energy and libido. massive erections and blood flow.
and inexpensive 40.00 for a 36 day supply